In Sensui Ryubu’s Japanese dance shows, we flexibly select songs for various scenes and try to keep the audience interested in the composition.
We also specialize in Japanese-style choreography regardless of genre, and can choreograph for the stage, singers, local songs, etc. upon request.

Please visit our Sensui channel on YouTube.

The Chisui Ryu dance show that I just performed as a guest appearance is open to the public for a limited time.
At the 2nd Japan Folk Song Exchange Festival, a folk song medley.
Since it is a folk song festival, we made it lively according to it. Please take a look⏬

Japanese instrument collaboration series Bakuchi Dancer
We are collaborating with Japanese instrumentalists to develop shows that include Japanese instrumental performances upon request.
Other videos on Sensui channel on YouTube.

Popular Songs Series – That Child’s Zinta
Sensui Ryubu specializes in choreographing contemporary pieces. Popular Songs Series on YouTube.
We are happy to listen to your wishes, etc. and accept choreography.

Japanese dance show, On Children’s Stage, Mokubei Jirobei
This event is planned for preschoolers to elementary school students, etc., in the hope that it will provide an opportunity for them to experience Japanese culture while having fun.
Wearing yukata and setting up a workshop is also recommended.
More videos on YouTube.

Sensui Ryubu Dance Show, Authentic Japanese Dance Show
In response to a request for “Japanese dance that is uniquely Japanese,” he sometimes enlivens the event with a shamisen piece.

Japanese Dance Show @ SenbuFestival 2020

Folk Song Medley from Japanese Dance Show @ Senbu Festival 2019

Japanese Dance/Killer, Overture of Revolution
Sensui Ryubu is also good at sword fight. We also have a wide variety of entertaining dances that incorporate sword fight techniques.

Series of Japanese Dance Lessons: Tsurukame (Crane and Turtle)
Although we dance freely to various pieces of music in Sensui-style dance, the basics are important in our daily practice.
Without the basics, there is no application. Other songs are uploaded on YouTube one after another.