◎Japanese Dance Show

We are happy to consult with you about the style of your event, whether it is purely Japanese, fun and lively, a show stage for children, a workshop, or a Japanese musical instrument performance.

Dance show (from 20 min.), 2 persons – dispatch 40,000 yen and up

*Fees vary depending on the number of performers, performance time, content, and frequency of performances. Please feel free to consult with us about your budget.

Others: Transportation expenses round-trip from the place of departure (Chiba Prefecture)

*If the venue is far from the nearest station, we will ask the customer to provide transportation.
If transportation is difficult, we will use a cab separately.

What you need to prepare on the day of your decision

・Waiting room (Please make sure to bring a full-length mirror)
・Meals (if the event is over a meal time, a boxed lunch is acceptable)
・CD sound system, microphone

Lodging: If the venue is far away and you cannot make it in time for the start time of the performance, the last train, etc.)


1 song (3 min.) 30,000 yen and up

Prices vary depending on time, content, and with instruction (video delivery, direct instruction, etc.). Please feel free to consult with us about your budget.

We can accommodate your requests for pure Japanese style (Japanese dance) to Japanese style dance, Bon dance, and the use of props such as fans, swords, umbrellas, etc.

◎Japanese dance instruction

We are available for on-site instruction as part of classes, club activities, company welfare programs, etc., as well as for stage and other dance productions.

Please contact us for a quote or inquiry.

Demonstration is here, For images of requests for performance, choreography, instruction, etc., please click here.

Please feel free to consult with us about your desired image, budget, etc.

★Sensui Ryubu Japanese Dance Lesson: Private Lesson Workshop, Super-Nichibu 1-day course for more information, please click here.
(You can find more information about the Cho-Nichimai 1-day course in the Announcements section of our website.)